BusHQ Terms & Conditions

If you are booking a bus/coach

BusHQ simply allow coach hire companies to add their own details to our website database. These companies are not vetted/checked in any way so please exercise your own due diligence before making a booking with any company listed on our website.

BusHQ do not recommend or endorse any company listed on our website. Companies are listed in no particular order (NOT in order of trust, importance or prominence). We accept no responsibility whatsoever for any contract you enter into with any member listed on our website.

Our coach sales section is open to the public but again we do not check any of these adverts for accuracy or authenticity. Any sale agreement is strictly bewteen you and the seller. BusHQ accept no responsibility whatsoever for any transaction between you and one of our members.

If you regsiter as a member of BusHQ

When you join/register as a member of BusHQ your details entered will be listed on our website and can be viewed by the general public.

If you join as a driver, your details will not be available to the general public but will be available to view by any coach hire company registered on BusHQ.

Members will receive emails on a reasonably regular basis from BusHQ. These emails will be relevant to your business/career/membership.

If you are a member of BusHQ

Members of BusHQ are encouraged to advertise their coach sales, post job vacancies, empty journeys and more. However BusHQ accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any contract/sale agreement you may enter into with another member of BusHQ, coach company, supplier, job applicant or member of the public. No input from our website members is vetted or checked for accuracy or authenticity. Be sure to perform your own due diligence before entering any form of contract.

Furthermore, we accept no responsibility for any bookings you receive from users of our website. Any contract you enter into is strictly between you and the person/company entering the contract.