About BusHQ - The story so far

Greetings! This is Ian Butler, sole owner and founder of BusHQ.

My day job is running Butlers Coach Hire but with a self–taught background in computer programming since my younger days, I developed and launched BusHQ way back in 1999 where it enjoyed great success but unfortunately my work and family commitments meant I did not have the time required to maintain or update the website.

The BusHQ website continued on by itself for all those years albeit with little to no input from me and it became quite outdated as the internet evolved very quickly.

Eventually with my kids grown up and our coach hire business firmly established I set out late in 2015 to totally revamp BusHQ from the ground up and relaunched it on February 8th 2015.

Why would I bother you may very well ask? Well I felt our industry was crying out for a service like this and with my career dedicated to the coach hire industry and my love of computer programming, who better to do it?

Will I make money? I seriously doubt it! From the outset and with past experience, I had no illusions of making mega bucks on this project. Without the costs of an expensive professional website developer though, I can run the website on a very tight budget indeed. Down the road, if I can make a few quid from advertising, well that would be great. In the meantime though I am happy to indulge my inner nerd and continue to evolve BusHQ. Maybe this will make me famous someday?

This time around though, the website has been designed to be totally automated with the vast majority of the content and interaction inputted directly from the members themselves in the form of coach sales, posting job vancancies, empty journeys, etc. This gives me plenty of breathing space to ensure I can still concentrate on my core business of putting bums on seats.

I am happy to hear from Coach operators all around Ireland but do keep in mind that this is a free service and I may not have the resources or time to deal with matters as comprehensively as a normal fee paying service might.