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BusHQ are offering FREE promotion for  bus and coach companies  in Ireland. To register your company simply click here or view our questions and answers below first. This is a genuine Free offer with absolutely no conditions or obligations. You will never be asked to pay a single penny. All you have to do is register, and your details will appear in our directory immediately.

  1. Go Directly to Company registration  form.

  2. My company is already with BusHQ. Will I have to update?

  3. Will I able to update BusHQ's database myself?

  4. See why you should advertise your Company for FREE.

  5. Find out why is this service for FREE.

  6. Why has BusHQ been created?

  7. What if I decide I want to remove my company from BusHQ

  8. I'm still not convinced.


Will I have to update my company details?

The answer to this is yes if you have not used our new update registration from before 12th November 2000. Your company will be updated with more diverse details to give our site visitors much more information, such as the services you offer (golf tours, open tours, express services, disabled services etc.) and the size of vehicle(s) you have. The more details we have on our database the higher your company will rank on our directory listings. This is to serve our site visitors with the best content first  Update my registration now.

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Reasons why you should have your company promoted on BusHQ.

  1. It's Absolutely FREE!  There are no catches or obligations.

  2. Free listings are not ordered alphabetically but by the date they are received, and the amount of information available, so it is important to have your details logged sooner rather than later.

  3. Your company can be found by anyone on a local, national  and international level.

  4. If you have a website or email address,  BusHQ will put a direct link to them.

  5. Visitors to our site are looking for bus companies, so you will have a captive rather than passive audience.

  6. Unlike traditional advertising, your business details can be changed at any time.

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Why is BusHQ offering this service for free????

The aim of BusHQ.com  is to be Ireland's most comprehensive online Bus and Coach Operators directory. If we did not offer to promote all companies for free, then not all companies would subscribe and our mission to create the most comprehensive directory would fail.

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Why has BusHQ been created.?

BusHQ has been created to fill a niche in the market. Until BusHQ was introduced there was no internet site that promoted bus and coach operators in Ireland. There are sites that have a travel section included, but a visitor must dig deep to find them. BusHQ is dedicated to bus companies only - but best of all it is FREE.

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Will I be able to update my details online?

Yes - you can update your company details anytime. You have full control over how you are represented. With your Username and Password you will be able to update your details and view your account as often as you like..

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What if I decide I want to remove my company from BusHQ

No problem. You can do it yourself online with the Username and Password you receive when you register. It takes a few seconds.

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I'm still not convinced

Think about it. What have you got to loose. A few minutes of your time spent filling in our registration form could result in securing lucrative work. A few seconds and you can remove your company from BusHQ  anytime if you wish. We will be working hard promoting your your company on our site and over the entire internet while you reap the rewards.

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